F A Q

General Questions

Q : Which area in Phuket do you provide airport transfer from/to Phuket Airport?

A: General Customer: Phuket Town, Patong, Kata, Karon.
Phuket Pass Customer: The 100% entire area of Phuket Island.

Q : Is there any compensation for delay of bus if I missed the fight?

A: Please note that we are not responsible for any delay of the van caused by traffic unless it was caused by our operation error.

Q : Where are you located?

A: Our Samurai50 meet ‘n greet persons will wait at the following
*International Terminal Gate 3-4
*Domestic Terminal Gate 1

Q : What if my Arrival is flight delayed?

A: Since we do not assign your route until you've found us at the airport and checked in with our representative on the curb, shorter delays will not affect your reservation.
If your inbound flight is extremely delayed and will arrive after the airport’s normal operating hours, call our team as soon as possible to notify our Customer Service Representatives who can then note the change in your reservation and alert Dispatch.

Q : Why there are 30 minutes pickup window for Departure pick up service?

A: Our 30-minute pickup window means that the van will normally arrive between your selected pick-up time. For example, if your pickup time is 10:30-11:00hrs, then van will typically arrive anytime between 10:30hrs to 11:00hrs.
Please be COMPLETELY ready to go and waiting at your hotel lobby, in front of your hotel or at your selected pick up locations in town at the beginning of your pickup window.

Q : How many stops on my route?

A: The number of stops made varies based on booking volumes. The average amount of stops within a route typically consists of 3-4 stops. For areas that are more spread out such as Patong, fewer stops are likely but will also be more spread out in time and distance.
Number of stops also vary upon time of day, time of year, and the number of passengers going to or from your area.

Booking, Tickets, Reservations, Refunded

Q : Where can I buy tickets?

A: You can buy ticket online at

Q : Must I buy tickets a day before?

A:Yes, at the moment we except only 12-hours and 1 day in advance booking. Please see Time table/Fares for the details

Q : Can I get refund if I cancel my Samurai50 service ?

A: Once your booking is confirmed, it cannot be cancelled and the payment you made is not refundable.


Q : Can you transfer only my luggage?

A: No. We do not provide transportation service only for luggage. Please use delivery service.

Q : Can a golf club go with my ride? Is it free?

A: A golf club is counted toward your total number of checked items. (e.g. If you have one checked bag and one set of clubs, the clubs are free.)

Q : Can a bicycle go with my ride?

A: Only when it is in the certain bag/box, the size follows our guidelines and you agree with taking the responsibility of any damage caused by the bicycle. There is however a minimal fee of 100 THB/item. Please see our Oversized and Extra Luggage Policy.

Q : Can a surfboard go with my ride? Is it free?

A: Yes, as long as its longest dimension is no more than 2 m. There is however a minimal fee of 100 THB/item. Please see our Oversized and Extra Luggage Policy.